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Scuba Diving International

Advanced scuba Diver Development Program

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The SDI Advanced Diver Development Program was created to make true advanced divers. Under the old way of training a student could take an advanced course immediately following an open water course, and only have a total of 9 dives, all under the direct training of an instructor. The SDI Advanced Diver Development program requires a new open water student to complete 4 SDI, TDI or ERDI Specialties or equivalent, combined with 25 logged dives. SDI believes a diver will truly be advanced after this is accomplished.

Graduation Requirements

SDI Advanced Diver Certification procedures for students:

  1. Completion of 4 SDI, TDI, or ERDI Specialty Courses or equivalent; only 1 course without dives may be credited toward the Advanced Diver. Nitrox counts as a diving specialty.

  2. Proof of 25 logged dives

  3. After the previous requirements are met and verified by an instructor,

    the instructor issues the SDI Advanced Diver certification by submitting the SDI Diver Registration form to SDI Headquarters or the Regional Office, or registering the students online through members area of the SDI/TDI/ERDI website

  4. Requirements for the SDI Junior Advanced include the above requirements, provided the 4 specialty courses they have taken are allowed by their age